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Friends of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park is an Citizens Support Organization that raises funds that stay here at Weeki Wachee State Park as opposed to going to Tallahassee into the general fund. They host various events like car shows, Miss Weeki Wachee Pageant, beach bashes, fall and winter yard sales as well as the Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp.

The Friends also assist in hosting Halloween and Chirstmas after hours events. Future events may include concerts, beach bashes, car shows and other special events.

Once a week is plenty except for new plantings
Look at these guidelines to see if your lawn even needs water.

The simplest way to determine if your yard needs water is to look for these visual clues:

· Grass blades are folded in half lengthwise on at least one-third of your yard.
· Grass blades appear blue-gray.
· Grass blades do not spring back, leaving footprints on the lawn for several minutes after walking on it.

Follow these tips when you “watch the weather, wait to water”:

2006 BIRTH

This is too close for you to be; it's possible to cause the mother to abandon her calf

PLEASE Keep a sharp lookout for manatees as they stay in the Weeki Wachee ecosystem the year around.

Our moderate water temperatures are much to thier liking some choose to stay all year rather than go on a summer sojourn.

These warm Gulf waters seem to have kept many manatees in the rivers so use caution when boating on them. Also remember is is ILLEGAL to harass a manatee. Especailly DO NOT mess with a mother with a baby. We had an incident in the first part of August where people drove a mother away from it's newborn baby and it took two days for them to get re-united. This was extremely fortunate because most of the time she would have abandoned that baby. Yes they are cute , but they don't look so cute when they are dead.

Mannatees cannot tolerate water below 66 degrees for long so in the winter months they move into coastal rivers and areas around warm water sources such as power plant discharges. Throughout Florida you will notice MANATEE ZONE signs with speed limits from NO WAKE to 25 mph. Gulf temperatures range from a low of around 57 degrees in February to a high in the upper 80's in August.


WEEKI WACHEE way back in 1947

WEEKI WACHEE SPRINGS should be on your manditory visitation list. It is a truly unique place as in the underwater show performed in the crystal clear waters of the spring. The water is a constant 74 degrees, but depending on the season that is as much as 20 degrees warmer or colder than the air temperature. The mermaids enter and exit through a tunnel under the underwater stage so it appears that they magically appear from the crevasses in the spring. On one weekend a month, generally the third weekend, the former mermaids do their performance the way it was done in years gone by. "Once a mermaid, always a mermaid" is thier motto. the magical waters of Weeki Wachee are truly the Fountain of Youth that Hernando Desoto was seeking so many years ago.

During the Summer months BUCCANEEER BAY is open and you can swim in the spring water just a few feet down from the actual spring. Since the current is about 5 knots ( 6MPH) it is a good thing that the swim area is in an eddy area. There are waterslides for the adventurous, but it's a good test of your endurance to climb up the stairs.

River Boat Rides are a dryer way to enjoy the river and the wildlife that thrives in the area. the Glass bottom boats are long gone, but since the water is so clear you will be able to see right to the bottom.





Rental Boats

You can rent boats from Weeki Wachee Marina and see the river from the water or go fishing on the flats off Bayport. Please remember this entire river is a NO WAKE Zone and is very shallow. Be careful not to "dredge" through the shallow places with the motor.
They also have canoes and kayaks available for a mininum impact method of enjoying the ecosystem.


Manatees Are Welcome Guests Along The River

ARE YOU CONCERNED ABLUT THE ENVIRONMENT? If so, there is a club which may be of interest to you. The Hernando Environmental Land Protectors which meets the second Tuesday at the Weeki Wachee Area Club, 7442 Shoal Line Blvd., Weeki Wachee FL 3607 at 6:00 PM. We are sctively supportave of preserving and protecting the natural environment of FLorida, notably the Weeki Wachee area.

HELP's website


2016 Brought hurricane Hermine that did the most damage to our area since the No-Name storm on 1993. Mostly is was a flooding issue due to storm surge as the actual hurricane was up in the panhandle area. It seems hurricanes have a knack of happening at the astronomical high tide, full or new moon. Hurricanes tend to dominate southern weather conversation, especially when we have two Category 4s back to back like Katrina and Rita in 2005 or the famous 4 of 2004 (Charlie, Frances Ivan and Jeanie) none of which affected our area.

We dodged the bullet with Irma in 1017 and Michael in 2018. Many parts of Florida did not fair so well snd ther has been an ooutpouring of assistance form our area to those areas that were hit.

The Emergency Management Dept. has prepared an excellent Flood Preparedness Handbook that everyone should be familiar with if you live anywhere where hurricanes and floods are a problem. Click on the link below to see this handbook.

click here for Flood Handbook - 14 pages


Pure, Natural Florida
The Weeki Wachee River

Chuck and Friend at the SWAMP FEST

The BIG event of the area is the SWAMPFEST, which is now held at WEEKI WACHEE STATE PARK the first full weekend of March each year. SWAMPFEST proceeds all go back into the community; the major organizatins of /swampfest are the Weeki Wachee Area Club, Weeki Wachee Crimewatch and the Hernando Evivronmental Land Protectors. Also there are many other charitable organizations that benefit from SWAMPFEST.

In Call Joyce Steele at 352-596-3757 for vendor information.

To learn more about THE WEEKI WACHEE SWAMPFEST look at the following web page: click here for Swampfest Homepage







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