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November 22, 2018 -- the 2017 trend is continuing up 6% per year. Note that ever since President Trump to office the economy has been improving. There are minor ups and downs, but it is a good time to buy. When the market is appreciating more than the interest rate it actually pays to own property.
Some will way "well if you own it you have to pay taxes and insurance". Well guess what they are built into the rent so renters pay as well, but don't get the expense deduction.

Frm last year -- November 29, 2017 -- REAL ESTATE MARKET UP IN 2017 by 1.3% in volume of sales and 6% in prices, and it looks to continue in the future. Now think about that! Mortgage rates are 4.125% on a 30 year loan and 3.5% on a 15 year loan. That means your home can appreciate at a rate greater than what you are paying in interest. Of course you have to take care of it, but rent money is money over the hill, so spending money for maintenance & taxes will be less that rent. Landlords do not rent for less than cost. They set rents to include profit and a inflated maintenance since tenants tend to not take care of the property as an owner will. It is a good time to purchase a home!

I'm not a big fan of the 30 year loan becasue you pay way too much interest, especially on the front end. Another reason is it is very rare for Americans to stay anywhere for 30 years. Statistically a 30 year old will move 5.7 more times in his lifetime, a 40 year old will move 3 times and a 60 year old will move twice more. You will be better off purchasing what you can afford with a 15 year loan or less.

I hate to say it, but if you are only going to be somewhere 2 or 3 years you are probably better off renting because of sale expenses and the time it takes to sell a home.

The entire waterfront scene has changed since 2014 when the Biggert Waters act took affect. Essentially it prices Flood Insurance priced by risk, without a subsidy. Ground level homes below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) have a higher premium than a stilted home next door. Sales of ground level homes has been very good, but the buyers are virtually all cash buyers.

Prices are rising slowly. I don't look for a big run up as in years past, but a gradual rise is the trend. With the low interest rates the appreciation should offset the interest cost.

We are seeing an increase in building activity shich is the best indication of an improving ecomony. A lot of the "bargains" were purchased in late 2014 - early 2015, but they were often homes that needed remodeling so an apparent rise in prices is merely bringing them up to snuff.

That was, and is, the problem with Short Sales; often they need so much work that they end up costing more than a well mantained home.

If you are looking to sell -- price it with the market. Overpricing a property is a waste of time and money.


The number one reason is security. If an unknown person shows up at your home and you let them look around; they may well be casing the place out. You haven't pre qualified them or even got an idea what they are looking for. A REALTOR does that, they will make an apointment to show which allows you to prepare the home for showing.

One point I'd like to mention -- do not keep your medications or jewelry in the bathroom if you have your home for sale; that is the one place the agent can't go with the prospect! Not everyone is an honest as you are so avoid the temptation and put medications and jewelry elsewhere.

It's a proven statistic that REALTORS do make you money over the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and they save you time by being avaialble pretty much all the time to answer a prospects questions.


Basically the so called "subsidy" is going away and the rates will be by the risk factor. A properly built stilt home is less venerable than a ground level home so the rate on the ground level will be higher than on the stilt. This is not just a coastal issue, remember the National Flood Insurance Program is nationwide so people with properties along rivers, lakes and even low lying areas are affected.

In Hernando County there are over 20 "watersheds" and virtually all of them have a flood area. Obviously the risk inland is generally not as great as coastal areas in a hurricane, but if it is a rain and not a wind event they may well be more venerable. During Tropical Storm Debby in 2012 many areas inland flooded and the water just ran off in the coastal areas. The same thing has happened this year, 2013, during our extra heavy rain periods.

Hernando County has very useful interactive maps you can use to check the flood rating on any property within the county.
Click on Flood Maps after it opens just put in an address at the top center where it says "20 N. Main St". You will have to put your cursor after the "t" and backspace till the 20 N Main St. is gone, then enter the address you want and hit enter or click on the magnyfing glass icon. It's best to leave off the Ave, St, Dr, etc.

Another site that some insurance agents use is Just put in your address and don't use any commas between city and state. It's easy to use for a preliminary search. A and V zones are flood zones, but it explains that if you are in a flood area.

BUY AMERICAN - support your neighbor!

COASTLINE REALTY SERVICES Inc. , is owned and operated by Paula and Chuck Morton, licensed Florida Real Estate Brokers. We're conveniently located 1/2 mile south of CR 550 in Weeki Wachee. We specialize in waterfront properties in the Hernando Co. Florida area. That's on the Gulf coast about 50 miles north of Tampa/ St. Petersburg.

If you wish, we will show you property by boat so you can see the water side of the parcel and how to get to it by water. After all it's the waterfront you are paying for and we feel you should see it from the water side and to understand the waterfront lifestyle.

Paula and Chuck have been selling real estate for over 29 years and offer our expertise to you. We want you to be pleased with your purchase. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

All our associates are waterfront residents and specialize in waterfront residential and commercial sales.
To reach any of our associates, you may call them at our office: (352) 597-4424, or you may contact them at their home numbers or email listed below.

Paula Morton * Broker - Owner *

(352) 247-0727

Chuck and I have been REALTORS since 1986, first specializing in farms and homes in OHIO, but returning to Florida in 1995, the State where I grew up. Chuck and I met at North Carolina State back in 1965 and both love the South so it was only natural for us to settle on the Nature Coast where we can enjoy the waterfront. We specialize in waterfront properties, but are happy to assist you with any properties in the Hernando County area.

Capt. Chuck Morton * Broker - Owner *

(352) 597-1220 (home)

I was the 2015 President of the Hernando County Association of Realtors and on the Hernando County Port Authority so sometimes I'm out of the office on other business.
I'm the water guy and am involved with projects to protect water quantity and quality as well as environmental restoration projects.
E-mail is the greatest thing since the spinning reel because you can leave me a message and I can send you an answer from werever I am and don't have to worry about waking you up.

I'm old fashioned and consider it disrespectul for a phone to go off in a meeting and I don't text so I rarely carry my cell phone. Send me an E-mail and I'll get to it or call the office and leave a message. Besides cell service along the Weeki Wachee is spotty at best so I leave it in my truck or on the boat.

Katrina Rice * Realtor Associate *

(352) 232-5868

I work with both buyers and sellers and am ready to find you your home in Florida. For over 18 years I have specialized in Waterfront properties as well as Short Sales and Foreclosures throughout Tampa Bay Area and while the distressed homes market is gradually going away it is still there.

I have contacts with investors who are looking for distressed properties so if you are a seller who is in a jam, give me a call. I'll be happy to outline the options available to you.

I am always looking for buyers and sellers for all types of properties, distressed or not.

Wynn Hamilton, GRI * Broker-Associate *

(386) 846-3290

Hi, Wynn Hamilton here and I love kayaking, boating and fishing so I have come aboard as a Broker-Associate at Coastline Realty Services on Florida's Nature Coast. I've had my Florida Real Estate license since 1985 working in both south Florida as well as the Daytona Beach area after 1990. I've worked with other agencies and I've had my own office, but now have decided to team up with Coastline Realty Services on the unique Nature Coast of Florida. As you can see I am familiar with various Real Estate Markets in Florida,
Let me hook you up with a deal for your real estate needs: buying, selling or relocating.







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